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Reaching for Higher Ground

Mini-Grant Application Instructions

Application Steps:
  1. Fill out the online Mini-Grant Application Form
  2. Address the following items in the Project Description portion of the application:
  • Provide a brief description of the proposed activity, including a timeline
  • Identify the intended audience(s) for the activity
  • Explain the goal(s) of the activity
  • Describe the indicator(s) that will be used to determine if the activity’s goals have been met
  • Describe how the proposed activity fits the mission, values and goals for the larger Reaching for Higher Ground project and the theme of And Justice for All.
  • Provide a simple budget for the proposed activity and describe specifically how the mini-grant would be used. Identify any funding from other sources to be used for the activity. Note, mini-grant funds may NOT be used for faculty/staff salaries. Project budgets should follow standard university budgeting procedures and use approved rates.
Review Criteria:

Preference will be given to proposals that meet the following criteria:

  • Propose activities that involve two or more disciplines. Preference will be given to proposals that include people from multiple disciplines and/or are designed to actively highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the project/content for participants. 
  • Emphasizes a connection with the community; applicants must briefly describe the community they intend to engage or connect with. 
  • Are complete, well-prepared, well-written, and understandable. 
  • Propose activities that reflect the goal mission and values of the Reaching for Higher Ground project and the And Justice for All theme.
  • Propose activities that address two or more of the Reaching for Higher Ground goals and in particular address the goals of:
  • Creating an appetite and capacity for civil discourse
  • Building a stronger campus community
Application Submission:

Applicants must submit the online application form by the August 1, 2015 deadline for their application to be considered complete.

A copy of your submitted application will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the application.



Contact Lori Miller, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, at 273-4321 or