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Reaching for Higher Ground

Suggest a topic for 2014-15

About Reaching for Higher Ground

The Reaching for Higher Ground project seeks to build stronger community (both the UNI campus community and our community at large) by examining complex and at times controversial issues through the creation of learning experiences that model civility and understanding.

The project objectives are to:

  • Build connections by bringing students, faculty, staff and community members together around a common intellectual activity
  • Create an appetite and capacity for civil discourse
  • Encourage the use of intra- and inter-disciplinary dialog to investigate complex issues
  • Utilize and teach the tools of critical thinking and learning
  • Foster an appreciation for a diversity of viewpoints and the unique contributions of each person and group
  • Enhance student success by:
  • Promoting learning with and from others
  • Exposing students to diverse viewpoints
  • Modeling civil discourse
  • Foster involvement in campus activities by linking programs and events to the Reaching for Higher Ground issue
  • Foster greater and intentional connection between the University and the community (public libraries, museums, cultural events, community groups, etc.)

We need your topic ideas!

Reaching for Higher Ground focuses on a new issue each academic year. Selected topics will be of current or lasting relevance and will be cross disciplinary in nature, engaging multiple perspective and constituencies.

With this and the project objectives in mind, please use the form below to share your suggestions for the next Reaching for Higher Ground topic.

Topic suggestions are sought from all segments of the UNI community. All responses are anonymous unless respondents choose to provide contact information.

Please provide only ONE topic per form. To submit multiple topics, use a separate form for each topic.
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